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For the latest rates or to contact one of our expert mortgage specialists. Our mortgages experts are standing by to take your call or answer your emails to get YOU the mortgage that meets your needs.

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Q: What Areas do you Service?

A: We serve all of British Columbia and Alberta


Q: Which banks do you work with?

A: We work with major banks and Credit Unions across Canada.  We are not restricted to lenders locally.  This opens our clients to more choices and better approvals.


Q: What if I got rejected?

A: No problem, we can analyze why you got rejected and work on getting you approved with a different lender.  Fill our application today and tell us your side of the story! 


Q: Do you do emergency loans?

A: If you have property with equity, rest assured, that we can line up funding in as quickly as 48 hours.


Q: Are you Covid-19 friendly?

A: Our staff are all trained in Covid-19 regulations.  If you require extra protection, please advise us ahead and we will anticipate your arrival with heightened protocols.  Your safety is our priority.

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